De Vries Limited Edition Double Edge Safety Razor "7.2"
De Vries Limited Edition Double Edge Safety Razor "7.2"
De Vries Limited Edition Double Edge Safety Razor "7.2"

De Vries Limited Edition Double Edge Safety Razor "7.2"

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This razor's handle is turned from an oak stave.  What makes it unique is that the oak stave came from a barrel used to make Jack Daniel's.  

The Jack Daniels Distillery has been making their famous No.7 Tennessee Whiskey in oak barrels since 1866.  These oak barrels are made by hand by their very own coopers.  Why No. 7?  No one knows for sure.  There are many rumors surrounding the name of Jack’s iconic product.  It was rumored that Jack, a bachelor, had seven girlfriends. Others say the number-seven train carried his barrels. Some believe he lost a batch of  whiskey for seven years and named it Old No. 7 when he found it.   

Each barrel is toasted and then charred which gives the whiskey that signature taste.  These barrels have a limited lifespan in the whiskey making business.  In fact, the distillery  uses the barrels only one time before they are discarded or sold to distilleries overseas.

Woodturning is a labour of love for Herman de Vries.  Herman has been turning beautiful pieces since 1995, when he got his first lathe.  prior to that, Herman had worked on various furniture products, but felt that he needed another method to explore his artistic side.  

 "It came full circle when I went to the lonely spot where my parents homesteaded and where I was born.  I saw the old maple trees that my father and mother had planted in the early 1920s, and saw that some of them were dying.  Taking the wood from that dying tree and turning it into a piece of turned art became a way of preserving something that represented to my father and mother, in their youth, the future. I am their future, and the tree was their future." 

When Herman takes a piece of wood to the lathe, the wood "speaks" to him, and ultimately the wood takes on it's own form and finish.  What motivates him the most is to see a piece of wood and recognize within it a possibility, a potential, for a piece of art.     

Made in Winnipeg, MB



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