Crystal Double Edge Stainless Steel Blades (10 Pack)

Crystal Double Edge Stainless Steel Blades (10 Pack)

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I discovered these blades a short while ago when i was reading a review about them on a wet shaving forum.  These are an excellent step up for those who are comfortable with the Astra blades, but are ready to try something a bit sharper.  I've used these blades exclusively with my Rockwell Razor and I have had great results.  A nice smooth shave without irritation. 

These blades are tested to provide consistent, smooth, comfortable shaves.  The stainless steel blades provide hardness and durability to assure you a friction free shave.

These blades have an excellent reputation with wet shaving enthusiasts.

Each package contains 10 blades (individually wrapped)

Manufactured in Israel by Israeli Personna.




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