Windhorse Pottery Shaving Bowl "Ashdown" Series
Windhorse Pottery Shaving Bowl "Ashdown" Series

Windhorse Pottery Shaving Bowl "Ashdown" Series

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Named after the historic  Ashdown Warehouse, these ash coloured bowls are easy to hold and make creating lather easy- thanks to the special swirl pattern grooves. 

The Ashdown Warehouse is located in the historic Exchange District of downtown Winnipeg. The warehouse was built between the years of 1895 and 1911. The building was owned by hardware dealer James Henry Ashdown, who was considered the “Merchant Prince”. James Henry Ashdown’s retail territory extended across Western Canada and made him one of Winnipeg’s early millionaires.

We've tried lots of shaving bowls in the past.  When it came time to work with local artists, we had some important criteria.  Each bowl had to fit comfortably in the hand; and each bowl must have grooves that help generate lather. From there, we let the artist express themselves through their work.  

What you end up with are individual pieces of work of art. Since these are made by hand, no two are exactly the same.  

Bowl depth is approximately 4.5 cm.  Bowl diameter (measured from inside) is approximately 10 cm and tapers at the base.

Bernard Ferguson is the artist behind these bowls.  Bernard began his artistic career painting.  However, after some time, he was drawn to the clay medium because of its three dimensional abilities and its connection to nature.  For nearly 15 years, Bernard has been making incredible pieces on the wheel.  His work is featured at The Forks, Pinch of Creativity and Rams Wool in Winnipeg.  

Bernard often focusses on pieces that are functional and utilitarian.  His love of Nature and Japanese culture are blended into his pieces making them true works of art.

Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba  



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