Windhorse Pottery- Scuttle "Scotia"
Windhorse Pottery- Scuttle "Scotia"
Windhorse Pottery- Scuttle "Scotia"
Windhorse Pottery- Scuttle "Scotia"

Windhorse Pottery- Scuttle "Scotia"

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The ritual of wet shaving begins with a great lather.  How do you make a great lather exceptional?  You need a scuttle. Quite possibly the best invention ever made for wet-shaving.  Did I mention that you need a scuttle!

Our scuttles, in our newest editions, are named after iconic streets or buildings in Winnipeg. 

Named after Scotia Street,  this earth toned, two part glazed scuttle will look amazing in any shaving den.  Similar in glazing to our Ashdown bowls and scuttle, this scuttle will elevate your shaving experience to new heights!  Scotia Street is located in Winnipeg's North end and runs parallel to the iconic Red River.  Scotia Street was named by Lord Selkirk Settlers (1812) in memory of their Scottish homeland. 

Scuttles look like a combination of a tea pot and bowl.  Simply add really hot water into the spout and the water warms the lather in the bowl above.   Some scuttles come in 2 pieces which, in my opinion, increase the risk of breaking.  The best scuttles are made in one piece.  Both pieces are carefully crafted on the wheel and then fused together.  The bowl has grooves carved into it to help build lather.  The hot water below warms the bowl and the bowl warms the lather- giving you the most luxurious shave right in your own home.   


Scuttles are hard to find.  They are even harder to make.  They are complex pieces requiring a skilled artist at the wheel. These scuttles are made in small batches right here in Winnipeg and are an amazing addition to your wet shaving ritual.

We make these scuttles in very small batches.  Since no two are exactly alike, you literally will have a one of a kind piece for your shaving den.

Bowl depth is approximately 4 cm and bowl diameter at the top is 9.5 cm 

Bernard Ferguson is the artist behind these scuttles.  Bernard began his artistic career painting.  However, after some time, he was drawn to the clay medium because of its three dimensional abilities and its connection to nature.  For nearly 15 years, Bernard has been making incredible pieces on the wheel.  His work is featured at The Forks, Pinch of Creativity and Rams Wool in Winnipeg.  

Bernard often focuses on pieces that are functional and utilitarian.  His love of Nature and Japanese culture are blended into his pieces making them true works of art.

Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba



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