Passionately Natural Soap Co. Aftershave Balm- Campfire

Passionately Natural Soap Co. Aftershave Balm- Campfire

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This Camp Fire Shaving Soap has a strong smokey scent that will remind you of sitting around the fire during a weekend camping trip and of good times with friends and family in the woods. The scent is on the strong side and it will linger for an hour or two.

An aftershave in SOLID form! This amazing new product will redefine what it means to have a BBS shave! Not only will you be as smooth as a baby's bottom but just as soft as well! This tube of concentrated Solid Aftershave Balm will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and smooth. It will absorb quickly without leaving a greasy feeling behind.

Perfect for travel! This tube of Solid Aftershave Balm will fit into any bag or any pocket! Contains no alcohol and meets the TSA size requirements for your carry-on.

Each tube measures approx. 9.5 cm in length.  These are bigger than a standard lip balm tube. 

The best part is, because it fits in your pocket, you can refresh your favorite scent on the go!

Ingredients: Kokum butter, jojoba oil, safflower oil, beeswax and essential oils.


About Passionately Natural Soap Co.

A Philadelphia based business that makes bath and body products using only the best all natural ingredients. Everything is handmade and they like to keep things simple by using only plant based oils to make their soap base. They use only steam distilled essential oils for scent and natural clays for color.

They very careful about what they put in their products and ultimately on to their skin. This is why Passionately Natural Soap Co. likes to keep it simple, to avoid the side effects from the years of absorbing unknown chemicals with unknown results.


Made in the USA

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