Castle Forbes Lavender Essential Oil Shaving Cream
Castle Forbes Lavender Essential Oil Shaving Cream
Castle Forbes Lavender Essential Oil Shaving Cream

Castle Forbes Lavender Essential Oil Shaving Cream

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Castle Forbes is an exclusive range of luxurious high quality products for gentleman looking for an element of distinction and elegance.

Castle Forbes begun with their range of colognes over 25 years ago in the worlds smallest perfumery, located at the stunning Castle Forbes Estate on 6,000 acres in Scotland.

In more recent years, Castle Forbes expanded into a beautifully formulated shaving line. Using only natural ingredients, Castle Forbes is known today as one of the best shaving brands in the world.

A few years ago, I was looking for a shaving cream, when I was introduced to Castle Forbes.  They consistently get rave reviews.  Using only the best oils, Castle Forbes makes 3 different shaving creams.  I carry all three at the Stone Field Shaving Company.

Lavender has excellent healing properties, in particular for those with sensitive skin- even eczema.  While some people might shy away from a lavender scent in a men’s shaving cream, don’t be fooled!  This is amazing and won’t leave you smelling like a flower.  Don’t worry!  A little goes a long way.  I recommend using this shaving cream with a shave brush for complete control and to minimize wasting the shaving cream.  Once this shaving cream is built into a lather- you won’t be disappointed.  Don’t let the price deter you.  Castle Forbes offers more shaving cream in their containers than their leading competitors- almost 50 ml more!  Used properly, this shaving cream will last you a long time.   

For over 20 years, this shaving cream has been produced on site at Castle Forbes in Scotland. 

 All Castle Forbes products are natural, free from parabens and added colors and only fragranced pure essential oils. Their shaving cream is produced in small batches to uphold and ensure the highest quality (500 units per batch). 

No Parabens, no added colour, no animal products or testing, no fragrance. Only pure essential oils.

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